Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Greetings one and all! We've extended our hours for the holiday shopping season. We'll list them here. If you're visiting via our website, thanks for following up. Yeah, we know with some mobile devices the black background, literally, blacks out everything.

12/17 Thursday 11-8
12/18 Friday 11-8
12/19 Saturday 11-8 (Watismu plays a live in-store show at 6pm! Don't miss it)
12/20 Sunday 12-4
12/21 Monday 12-6
12/22 Tuesday 11-8
12/23 Wednesday 11-8
12/24 Christmas Eve 10-5
CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY! Merry Christmas everyone!
12/26 Saturday 11-8
12/27 Sunday 12-4
12/28 Monday 12-6
12/29 Tuesday 11-7
12/30 Wednesday 11-7
12/31 Thursday NYE 11-7
1/1/16 New Year's Day 11-5

We're more than willing and able to stay later if business warrants. If we have a crowd, or even one person, we'll hang with you til your shopping is complete! If you are running around and can be here minutes before closing, give us a heads-up, in nearly every case we can stay later.

Don't forget, gift certificates make a great gift too. We have them in $10 and $20 increments. Buy as many as you need. As always, thanks for your continued patronage of Rediscover Records.

Plenty of Record Store Titles still available, as mentioned in our previous post! Check it