Saturday, February 19, 2011

WRMN Radio Show Tonight!

Remember to tune into WRMN 1410 A.M. on your radio dial *tonight* from 7 to 8pm to listen to the first ever Rediscover Records Radio Hour. Please don't let the Radio Shopping banners on WRMN's site scare you. This'll be a music show! While we love the Radio Shopping Show and we have spots running on it, we're gonna push those radio shopping show shopping carts way out past the cart corrals and way out into the middle of the parking lot. Instead......we'll be spinning records, talkin' music, and having a great time. Please join us, won't you? Also, in on the action will be Brandon Couture of the legendary local band, The Reverends.

We'd be remiss in not thanking the people who helped sponsor us and make this radio dream a reality. Please consider clicking these links for more information for each business. Thanks again, we are very grateful!

They'll be no genre left unturned, no genre left unsoiled, well, as least we'll play as much music as we can in a one hour time slot. Hopefully, this will grow into a much larger project.

Rediscover Records today!
Rediscover Records....Living the Dream since June.

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