Wednesday, May 18, 2011

His name is Elvis Presley

There are times in the music world when we lose sight of the brilliance of an artist, an album, or a song due to various circumstances such as saturation of the market/over exposure, fodder for the tabloids, and our own repeated plays of an artist or a song ad infinitum. Sometimes the artists themselves bring this on to themselves by their actions on and, more particularly, off the stage. They've become a caricature or a cartoon of themselves.

Elvis Presley is one of those artists. Sure, we know him as the King, how he died, the way he died, his method of channel surfing, his weight, his drug use. We know he left the building years ago. Look, however, to the picture of his debut record here. This is the real Elvis Presley. A record cover so revered and hallowed even The Clash paid homage to it. This is Elvis.

Recently, at Rediscover Records we were able to procure a few Elvis Presley 78 speed records. These are on the RCA Victor label. We can only wish they had been on the Sun Records label. The 78 rpm record, by the 1950's, was becoming a thing of the past, the 8-track or cassette, or even CD of it's day.

When these 78's came out the ink was probably barely dry from The Colonel signing Elvis from Sun Records to RCA Victor. These are in super condition with some of them in original sleeves. Currently, they are not listed on the website but you can come into Rediscover Records and look through them, and other records. The Jerry Osborne Record Guide (for what it's worth) lists these records from $60 up to $150.00 each. We have them varying from $19.98 to 79.98. Here is what we have:

Mystery Train/I Forgot to Remember to Forget
Heartbreak Hotel/I Was the One
Love Me Tender/Anyway You Want Me
Milkcow Blues Boogie/You're A Heartbreaker
That's All Right/Blue Moon of Kentucky
Too Much/Playing For Keeps
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/My Baby Left Me
Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog
Good Rockin' Tonight/I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine

Discover all your records and vinyl needs at Rediscover Records! Here is a great video with pictures of Elvis Presley singing "Good Rockin' Tonight". Have you heard the news?

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