Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Record Store Day 2016 - Black Friday Edition

Hey, let's not mess around! Here is our Record Store Day List - Black Friday Edition. It's a modest list, most of the titles have less than 5 copies with some of them with a (1) next to it, meaning we were able to order or procure just one. We'll OPEN promptly at 8am on Black Friday with complimentary coffee from Blue Box Cafe, donuts, fresh fruit and then later bottled water and soda.

Our Rediscover Records logo shirts will be just $10 and our coffee cups (recently back in stock!) will be just $6!

Without any more hesitation.... our list. (If you don't see it here, we do not have it)

Afghan Whigs - Black Love
Alice In Chains - Live: Facelift
Anthrax - Monsters...7"
Bangles - Ladies and Gentlemen
Beach Boys - Becoming the...
Big Star - Complete Vol. 3
Bolt Thrower - Those Once...
Cars - Just What I Needed (7" pic disc)
Eric Church - On the Rocks
Ornette Coleman - An Evening...
Alice Cooper - Live From the Astroturf
Death Grips - Fashion Week
Dengue Fever - Ganadarama
Bob Dylan - Royal Albert Hall
Explosions In the Sky - Lone Survivor OST (1)
Ben Folds - In Concert
Frank Frost - Hey Boss Man
Fruit Bats - Glory of Fruit
Jerry Garcia - Reflections
Geto Boys - Mind Playing Trio
Gonn/Time Traveler
Gwar - Picture Disc (1)
Jimi Hendrix - Morning Symphony
Iggy Pop - Telluric Chaos
Iron Maiden - Brave New World
Jethro Tull - Ring Out
Jungle Brothers - Done by the…
Dustin Kensrue - More Thoughts on…
Kinks - God’s Children
Kinks - The Kinks
Kinks - Sleepwalker
Middle Brother
Minor Victories
Motley Crue - Kickstart (picture disc)
Napalm Death - Like Piss…
Harry Nillson - Popeye OST
Amanda Palmer - Strung Out
Jaco Pastorious - Soundtrack
Prophets of Rage - Party’s
Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
Ramones - Live at the Roxy
Otis Redding - Whiskey A Go-Go
Run DMC - Christmas in Hollis
Rogue Wave - Cover Me
Rolling Stones - Ride Em All
Frank Sinatra - White Christmas (1)
Soundgarden - Satanoscilla
South Park - Christmas
Sugar Hill Gang - Meet Your…
TSOL - Revenge
Twizard - Are You Insane
Underground Kings/Int’l Players Anthem
Underworld - OST
Vandals - Hollywood
Yardbirds - Birdland (1)
Franks Zappa and Mothers - How Could I Be…

A few others coming later via UPS after 2pm (we hope!)
Kinks - Til Death Do Us Part
Fleshtones - Ana Como…
Porno For Pyros - Good Gods Urge

Gary Clark, Jr. - Healing Live

A few notes (most of you know the drill), we will open promptly at 8am (maybe a few minutes before), please enter in an orderly chill fashion. Go through the store towards the back and make a loop back towards where the NEW RELEASES are. The RSD items will be in organized by band or artists last name. Please know what you are looking for so we can get everyone through in a prompt manner. This is not the time to text your friend if they still want a title if you are standing in front of our RSD record rack! Dig? Of course, you may buy multiple items, but just one TITLE of each per person. No, you can't buy a copy of Bob Dylan Albert Hall for your friend.

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