Monday, November 15, 2010

New Releases

Greetings from Elgin, Illinois. Home of Rediscover Records. Elgin has had some pretty cool record shops over the years but they, unfortunately, drifted, crumbled, wept, and gradually left the landscape of Elgin. Rediscover Records is a place in Elgin where you can browse record bins, have your sound palette whetted by unique soundscapes while in store. Rediscover Records today, it's where you can find new vinyl, used vinyl, 45's, and even those old 78's.

On Tuesday November 16th we'll have a few new exciting new releases on vinyl.

First and foremost, one of the more awaited releases in the world of Rediscover Records, it's the remastered version of Bruce Springsteen's "Darkness On the Edge of Town". It's an amazing collection of songs that, some say, tragically never made it on to the "Darkness" record because they didn't fit thematically with the record. Here is actor Ed Norton interviewing Springsteen on the making of Darkness. Ed Norton interviewing Bruce Springsteen

We'll have a limited supply of the 3 CD and 3 DVD boxset available on November 16th.
We'll also have the vinyl "The Promise" on a 3 record 180g. vinyl spanning 21 songs.

The "Darkness" tour of 1978 was one of the more epic tours in Springsteen's history. Here is but a small sample with a blistering version (pardon the rock critic speak) of "Prove It All Night" with the full on instrumental introduction.

Not to get lost in the E Street shuffle are a couple other releases we'll have on November 16th. One of the more exciting bands in recent memory are Japandroids. We already have in the "No Singles" record and you'll be able to pick up the new single "Heavenward Grand Prix". Very limited copies in store and they'll go quick so get yours today.

Here are the Japandroids live on KEXP. Get yer rock on!

In the spirit of rock 2 person groups, we bring you Scott Lucas of Local H fame. The release date for this record is November 16th as well. This time Lucas is with the Married Men and their new release, Scott Lucas & the Married Men "The Absolute Beginners". Again, limited supplies in stock so get them while you can.

Rediscover Records today!

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