Saturday, November 27, 2010

Record Sleeves

As we know, collecting vinyl has a price. Sometimes that price is a great find from a dollar bin or it could be up to and over $100 for a rare out of print collectible record. One of the things we do to help preserve your records is offer poly record sleeves. We offer them up in packages of 100 poly sleeves for $16.50 (plus tax). They are the 2 mil poly sleeve. Protect your vinyl investment with record sleeves! Sure, it may be a bit of a headache taking the jacket out of the sleeve but the end result is well-protected records.

Often times, if you are buying records in store at Rediscover Records we will ask if you want a poly sleeve for the records you have bought. Now, excuse us while we show our music
snobbery, (as we grin mischievously) some records do not deserve a poly sleeve! Soooo, if we don't ask if you want a sleeve, either, one, we actually forgot to ask, or two, you just may have purchased a record deemed unnecessary for "sleeve-dom", usually those from the aforementioned dollar bins. We must make this point very, very clear though. No matter what records you buy here at Rediscover Records, the latest Pitchfork hipster band or even Englebert Humpedherdink from the dollah bin, we are *always* grateful that you are shopping at Rediscover Records and the Two Doors Down Shop. It's not like we're gonna go Jack Black's "Barry" from High Fidelity. Actually, if we do not ask, don't hesitate to ask for a sleeve. Some choose not to take them and that's fine too.

Thanks for reading, thanks for keeping the sound alive, and keep 'em spinnin' with Rediscover Records!

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