Sunday, April 17, 2016

Record Store Day Remains and a Note of Thanks

A huge thanks to all those who came to Record Store Day at Rediscover Records and any other record store you may like to call your own. It really was a great day with great customer rapport not only with us, but with other record shoppers. Thank you once again. Without further waste of verbal noodling, there are a few titles that remain. We'll post another update in a week or so, but as of about 1pm Sunday, April 17th, this is what remains, in no particular order.

Supplies limited, first come first serve. Call us to ask what is available. Items are not on our site to purchase, but we can make transactions via PayPal or over the phone. The pricing has remained the regular RSD prices, fyi.

Radio Birdman 7"
Rich Robinson
Cavern Anti-Matter
Brandy Clark/Sheryl Crow
New Barbarians
Flaming Lips Box set
CCR - 1969 Box (Spectacular!)
Linkin Park
Hello Kitty Picture Disc
Son Volt
One Voice
Scarface picture disc
Post Malone
The Weekend
John Wick OST
Star Wars Picture Disc

Thanks for waiting, you guys. Thanks to everyone who came in all day and everyday! 

This Record Store Sucks, lol. Employee of the Month!

Cupcakes from Herb's Bakery!

Sincere Engineer played some seriously rad tunes!

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