Saturday, April 2, 2016

We are an official Record Store Day shop and Record Store Day 2016 is April 16th. We will OPEN promptly by 8am on RSD. We will post the list of our RSD titles on our website, our Facebook page, and this blog. We'll tweet out links as well. Look for our list of RSD16 releases no later than April 14th. We anticipate having dozens of the titles, not every artist or title due to the nature of limited pressings of certain titles. Our site at Rediscover Records 

We do normally have a decent sized line the morning of RSD. Use your own judgment, of course, if there is a title you are really aching for for when to arrive here. It's usually a great day of camaraderie with fellow music aficionados and fans of Record Store Day and the medium of vinyl. After the initial rush from about 8am to a little after 9am, there are several titles still left, other than the usual one or ten really hot items people are looking for.

We'll normally have some complimentary coffee, soft drinks, bottled water and snacks available. Often times we'll have some live music later in the afternoon or that evening, but as of this writing, we have nothing lined up at the moment.

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